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The Purest Signals

Hundreds of signals are constantly being evaluated by genetic algorithms to provide the purest, safest and the most profitable signals ever.

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Awesome Results

Very consistent profits with almost zero drawdowns over more than the last 3 years.

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Extremely Easy to Use

To make trading as simple as possible, GTI FX Signals are fully automated, which means that a client’s effort is not necessary.

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Professional Team

Experienced traders and programmers are constantly working to increase the quality of GTI FX Signals.

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Awesome Results

GTI FX Signals has achieved high performance over the past few years, especially if drawdowns are taken into consideration. The highest drawdown over the last 3 years was only unbelievable 7%.

As you can see, the protection of your financial capital is very important for us and the difference between the potential risk and profit with the GTI FX Signals is absolutely oustanding.

Performance per year 2014

Performance per year 2015

Performance per year 2016

Trading style

After years of trading and gaining experience we have been able to create a very efficient and robust trading style, which allows us to find and execute high quality trading signals on regular bases. The main parts of our trading system are:
Examples of trades:

GTI FX Signals

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